Feel Good Now With The Law Of Attraction

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I started hearing from the law of attraction 6 months ago. A friend gave me these CD’s of Your wish is Your Command. I was at a point in my life that I was looking for more…I was down and low on energy and I was thinking a lot about “is this all in life, there must be more than just work and hang in front of the TV.” I felt depressed did’t work out, smoked and drank in the weekend trying to forget the workweek I had. After listening to the cd I realized “If you want things in your life to change you have to change things in your life”Positive
And than it hit me I had to follow the steps on the cd to feel better and to get a better quality of life and to make sur I became financial independent so I could get out of the Rat race and to start living. I immediately stopped smoking ( after smoking i felt tired and depressed so that had to stop) because that is a energy drain. I followed the instructions on how to feel good now with food. I got only organic food and no more or a minimal of additives in my food because they block your ability to Feel good. I workout almost every day and I bought a “em shield or bioshield to be more resisted against all the radiation we subject ourself everyday like wifi, gps, mobile phone and other radiation we don’t see but are passing through our body’s every second of the day. I got rid of my so called friends who were always negative and always tried to pull me down in there negative life, and started to follow some simple rules like, who do you listen to, your so called friend who doesn ‘t get away from the tv and who has no job or to the successful businessman who travels and is financial independent. Always be open to learn from people who are living healthy and happy. after all “you don’t know what you don’t know.Mastermind
Reading the books advised by your wish is your command cd is a must and also listening to the cd’s over and over again until it becomes second nature is a pre. Surround yourself with likeminded people so you are in the positive all the time. And immediately after implementing these basics I started to feel better got more energy and got my positive feeling back. Life wasn’t a choir anymore, it got excited again an I wanted to know more and more on the law of attraction and on how to feel good now. I’m reading the books and listening to the CD’s every day now and I’m manifesting more of my dreams. I’ve started a new business and I’m confident this will be a hit. We are moving into a better house next month and we got more and more projects lining up….It’s going to be a awesome summer filled with positive experiences, happiness, money and love.

Peace to everybody and I hope you will rediscover your life like I did…….!!!!
and remember TO FEEL GOOD NOW!!!

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